Beijing Antique Street (The Glass Factory)

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Beijing Antique Street

At He Ping Gate of Beijing, there is a famous Antique Street, which has a large variety of stores on ancient literature, antiques and curies, stone inscriptions, calligraphy and paintings, the four treasures of the study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab, and paper), seal cutting, western and eastern instruments. This antique street is also called "The Glass Factory" in Chinese from ancient times to the present because it was once the location of a glass factory in the Qing Dynasty (1644 ~ 1911A.D).

The Antique Street of Beijing is not only an antique selling center, but also the most famous traditional cultural street of Beijing, which attracts the tourists from all over the world to go for a sight-seeing and purchase antiques everyday.

There are altogether 100 stores on each side of the street. They have stores of calligraphy and paintings with Rongbao Studio and Baogu Studio as the representatives. Yungu Studio and Cuizheng Studio represent the stores of ceramics and stones, while Lanxun Pavilion and Songyun Pavilion represent the stores of ancient books. Lehai Carriage, Guyi Studio and Suiya Studio represent the stores of silk boxes. Cultural antiques and works of art are too much to mention.

At present, there still stand ancient pavilions and towers of the Qing Dynasty on both sides of the street, which is a perfect match with the calligraphy, paintings and the four treasures of the study and curios in the stores. The Antique Street of Beijing is the place where you can find various kinds of ancient relics of China.

When you pay a visit to the Antique Street, better prepare some changes. Please do not forget to bargain when you feel like buying something.

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