Sanya Asian Dragon Bay, Hainan China

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Asian Dragon Bay

Asian Dragon Bay at Sanya, Hainan Island is a well-known scenic area, 24km from the downtown. It is honored as "Oriental Hawaii" with fantastic scenery.

A sandy beach, blue sky, and beautiful scenery of the sea present a prime land – the Asian Dragon Bay with a picturesque scene. The Asian Dragon Bay stretches from east to west, 7km long and 50m wide. The bay covers 50 square km of sea area and there are five islands. The coastline along the bay is 20km long and the seaport is about 8 km wide.

Have you ever seen a bay with very few cliffs? The mountains surrounded this bay and created a natural preservation curl for the bay, Asian Dragon Bay would make you feel protected too.

It also has beautiful scenery and comfortably climate, only 22 Centigrade (68F) year round. This incredible comfort climate would last 300 days per year. Therefore, everybody suggests you touring Asian Dragon Bay and says it's the "Oriental Hawaii"

Sun always shines; general sea wave, beautiful seashore, and mountains with no pollution make Asian Dragon Bay quite different from other bays in Asia. Today, Asian Dragon Bay is a well-known tourist resort and becomes quite popular.