Jinan Baotu Springs, China

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Baotu Springs

The Baotu Springs is located in the Baotu Springs Park south of the Ximen Bridge in Jinan. It is called waterfall flowing and also called the Kan Springs. It is one of 72 famous springs in Jinan.

Since ancient times, Jinan has deserved the title of "Unsurpassed Springs", the springs distribute with great ease. In the city there are not only the Baotu Springs, the Black Tiger Springs, the Pearl Springs and the Five Dragons Springs four spring groups, but also there are 72 famous springs in the suburbs, while the Baotu Springs is the champion of the 72 springs in Jinan.

The Baotu Springs was the origin of ancient Loushui. In the "Suijing Zhu" recorded mountains and geography by the geographer Lidaoyuan in North Wei Dynasty, it said: "spring gushing up, water gushing like wheel." Baotu describes the state of spring gushing up and jumping, this is how the Baotu Springs got its name. There are three spring mouths of the Baotu Springs, divided into three strands of springs dripping and flowing all the year around, the area enlarges to more than 50 mu.

With clear springs and good water quality, the Baotu Springs has graceful scenery, which is a feature what makes people take delight in talking about. At north not very far, there is the Luoyuan Hall built in Song Dynasty.

In southwest there is the Guanlan Pavilion built in Ming Dynasty and east is the Laihe Bridge. South of the bridge is the wooden archway set up in Song Dynasty, on the horizontal board there written "observing heaven, blessing earth" and "old mark of Pengshan".

When Qianlong Emperor traveled mountains and scenery in Qing Dynasty, after visiting the Daming Lake in Jinan, they got to the Baotu Springs. As they saw the gushing springs, they were very excited. This is entirely different from the quiet Daming Lake like a mirror. At that moment, he wrote down two characters "running springs". After they drank tea with water of the Baotu Springs, they felt the tea more fragrant and tastier. It is the most unique spring. So he sealed the Baotu Springs as the First Springs in the World. These were recorded in the sculpture of "the travel notes of the Baotu Springs" in Qing Dynasty.

Now there is a Looking the Laihe Pavilion Teahouse near the Laihe Bridge east of the springs. Since 1956, the Jinnan municipal government put the famous springs and historic sites nearby into a scenic spot, called the Baotu Springs Park. After the visitors finish seeing the scenic spots, most of them would like to walk into the Looking the Laihe Pavilion Teahouse to taste that Baotu Spring Tea which was praised highly by Qianlong Emperor.