Kashi Bazar, Xinjiang China

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Bazar means country fair, free trade market with many street pedlars. People can find Bazars everywhere in Kashi City, Xinjiang. China government built specially Kashi Middle Asian International Trade Market in northeast of Kashi City in 1992 because the international trade increased very rapidly. It occupied 5 square kilometers of land.

Bazar is Uygur language, means market or country fair. Big Bazar means big market.

Kashi City in Xinjiang is a large city on the western borders of China, also a famous historic and cultural city. The commerce here developed very fast in Han and Tang Dynasty. All merchants and tourists set out from Xi'an converged in Kashi regardless of going through southern road of Tianshan or northern road of Tianshan. Therefore, Kashi City is a important commercial and cultural city in ancient Silk Road.

Bazar here is famous for long history (about 2000 year's history). China government built large scale Kashi Middle Asian International Trade market in northeast of Kashi in 1992 in order to suit the needs of rapid development of international trade. There are about 5000 stands filled with ten thousand kinds of goods such as caps, knife, carpet, melon fruits, ox, sheep, roasted beef, Zhuafan local special products.

In one word, there are about everything you would expect to find, goods for eating, using and dressing. More than one hundred thousand people gather here everyday, it can be described as "the street of ten kilometers length gather various kinds of goods."

According to statistics, the big Kashi Bazar has received about 500 foreign touring and purchasing parties, twenty thousand people, and sold three thousand-ton of goods at least since it opened to outside (eight years ago). Big Bazar has become the largest international trade market in northwest of China.

Many years ago in Kashi, the traditional Bazar was opened only on Sunday, whenever on Sunday, almost all people (male and female, young and old, ordinary people and businessmen) went to Bazar just like going to temple fair. Businessmen bargained, ordinary people bought what they need, appeared a scene of bustle and excitement.

Nowadays, as for the practical business needs, local government approved to open the Bazar everyday. Thus, form the grand occasion of large Sunday Bazar everyday. All tourists go to Kashi, they must go to Sunday Bazar and cannot help buying commodities when they go home. Sunday Bazar is so interesting that you must have interest to visit it.