Yunnan Dali Butterfly Springs, China

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Butterfly Springs

The Butterfly Springs lie in the half way up the highest peak in Cangshan Mountain - the Yunnong Peak in Dali County, Yunnan Province. You need to head northwest direction about 20 kilometers from the Dali ancient city.

"Beautiful Dali landscapes in March, put on make-up near the Butterfly Springs." This is the people's praise for the Butterfly Springs from ancient times. You can take a car from Xiaguan and drive 30 kilometers towards north along the Dianzang Road.

Then on your left side of the car, there is a memorial archway having antique flavor written three big words "the Butterfly Spring". It is the calligraphy of Chinese contemporary scholar named Guomoruo. You walk about 100 meters from the memorial archway to the Butterfly Springs.

The pond of the Butterfly Springs is very large with the marble fence all around. The springs are so clear that you can see the bottom of the pond. It is coming from the peak of the Cangshan Mountain, so the water is very clean, cool, and refreshing.

The most attractive thing is the true and false butterfly. Why we called them true and false butterfly? In green wood, there is an ancient silk tree. It is standing on the pond of the Butterfly Springs like a huge umbrella.

Every summer, the ancient silk tree is blooming and those small light yellow flowers sending out fragrance are just like many butterflies enjoying themselves so much that they forget to go home. These false butterflies attract the true butterflies collecting here. Every spring and in April and May in the lunar calendar, thousands of all kinds of butterflies, the biggest is like people's palm and the smallest is like a bee, fly to the Butterfly Springs one after another. They are dancing and flying between the flowers and grass in riotous profusion such as camellia and cuckoo.

Some are so naughty that they are stopping on the head of the visitors dressed gorgeously. The feet hang even those countless colorful butterflies from the silk trees to the water surface, and they cluster by connecting their whiskers and hooking their feet. You can see this wonderful landscape only in the Butterfly springs named "monkey drag the moon".

The Butterfly Springs is not only a beautiful scenic spot, but also it has a butterfly meeting. On 25th, April every year, the people of Bai nationality around the Butterfly Springs will gather here and select the company by dancing and singing. This is the traditional activity of the Bai nationality of Yunnan every spring. They are singing and listening moving mythology stories and very hot. At this time, they will also warmly welcome the people from Chinese and foreign countries. Of course, if you like lively and love to appreciate the minority feelings, you must come to the Butterfly Springs in spring.