Yunnan Cangshan Mountain (Cang Shan), China

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Cangshan Mountain

Also called the Dian Cang Shan Mountain, the Cangshan Mountain (Cang Shan) is situated between the Erhai Sea and the Heihui River in Yunnan Province. Its unique scenery is highly ranked in the country.

The Cangshan Mountain is the main part of the Yunling Mountain Range. It goes from Dengchuan of Eryuan County to the Tiansheng Bridge of Xiaguan City. It is 50 km long from south to north and 20 km wide from east to west. The Erhai Sea is in the west while the Heihui River is in the east.

There are 19 peaks on the Cangshan Mountain. All of them are 3,000 meters above sea level. Green trees and beautiful rivers are everywhere. From north to south the 19 peaks are Playful Cloud, Green Waves, Five Terraces, Lotus, White Cloud, Crane Cloud, Three-sun, Orchid Peak, Snowman, Ying Le, Goddess of Mercy, Harmony, Dragon Spring, Wang Ju, Horse-dragon, Sheng Ying, Buddhist Top, Horse Ear and Setting Sun.

The names are all related to the landscape. The highest peak is Horse-dragon, 4,122 meters above sea level. It resembles a horse's face and a dragon's head.

Interestingly enough, there is a stream between any two of the peaks. In other words there are 18 streams among 19 peaks. They streams have very nice names: Moving Haze, Ten-thousand Flowers, Sun Stream, Mang Yong, Jin Xi, Spirit Spring, White Dress, Duck Couple, Secluded Fairies, Plum Stream, Peach Stream, Mid Stream, Jing Yu, Dragon Stream, Clear Jade, Mo Can, Li Qi, Yang Nan and so on. The streams are fresh and cool, flowing throughout the year into the Erhai Sea.

Together with the Erhai Sea and the Heihui River, the Cangshan Mountain is a charming place on the Yun-Gui Plateau. The government is determined to protect the ecology of the area so the mountain abounds with evergreen arbor as well as rare animals and plants. Many zoologists, botanists and even students come here for field trips.