Chengdu Teahouse, Sichuan China

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Chengdu Teahouse

Located on the streets in City of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, it serves unique local diet and those teahouses carry the Sichuan local living style. It is an important social interaction and gathering place since ancient times.

Sichuan has teahouses in towns and cities everywhere; it has most teahouses in China. We can tell how the people of Sichuan like sitting in the teahouse from the antithetical couplet in their teahouses,

"When is busy, stop by the teahouse take a quick break,
Give me a cigarette and help me forget the unhappiness."

How interesting and lively described! It is clear that the people of Sichuan have already regarded going to the teahouse as a part of their life.

The teahouse in Sichuan, particularly in Chengdu, provides the locals a social gathering, entertainment, and chatting place. People in the city formed a habit of stop by the teahouses for a while, to make friends, get together with relatives and friends, know about the social trends, find out news and even hearsay.

Therefore, the teahouse is the place for social in Chengdu, reflecting the life habits and social culture of the local people. In fact, the teahouse had the function of reconciling social disputes in the old days. Having unsettled problems, people would go to the teahouse to discuss and work out methods to settle the disputes.

The teahouse in Chengdu has another function, which is providing the programs and messages of culture and entertainment. The teahouse possesses the performance of Sichuan opera and the local folk artists; it produce various programs from time to time for the Sichuan dulcimer opera or the traditional operas. Sometimes there are storytelling, film reviews, and so forth. They are design to satisfy entertainment and interests taste of the local people.

Sichuan has its own character of serving tea; the teahouse in Sichuan plays the role of making a stormy sea stormier. Up to now the teahouse has been an indispensable center in Sichuan people's life. If you come here, you will fully grasp the local diet culture and life style of people in Sichuan.

The teahouse is not a scenic spot, but it is full of sight efficacy of sightseeing and amusing. So we suggest if you come to Chengdu, it is a good idea for you to have a sit in teahouse. It will be a life time experience you will not forget.

The people of Sichuan pursuit comfort when having tea. The ornament of teahouse is not the table for eight people in south of the Yangtze River but little tea table or little square table. The seat pattern in the teahouse in east Sichuan can not only be sat but also can be lied, while the pattern in west Sichuan is just the bamboo chair with back, very stable and comfortable.

The tea sets are mostly teakettles, teacups in teahouses in other provinces, while the tea sets in Sichuan teahouse are mainly for "three sets", and they are porcelain bowl, porcelain cover, and metal pallet. There is a round hole in the center of the pallet, in which the foot of the porcelain bowl just enchase and it is difficult to turn over.

This design benefit is: the volume of the tea bowl is moderate and when watering the tea fragrance can fully got off from the bowl, while the porcelain cover not only can keep heat but also is ventilate. The water serving man is putting the long mouth copper kettle and adding hot water to customers' teakettle for more than 3 meters away from the kettle, but the water will not spatter to the table. You will no doubt praise the difficult and brilliant technical of the water service man.