Guilin Cloud Folded Hill, Guangxi China

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Cloud Folded Hill

The Cloud Folded Hill has other two names: Feng Dong Hill and Gui Hill. It is located in the northeast of Guilin City in Guangxi Province, and beside Li River. It is one of the sixteen famous scenic spots of Guilin.

The Cloud Folded Hill consists of two hills and two peaks: the Siwang and Yuyue Hill, the Carne and Bright Moon Peak. There're layers of colorful rocks on its precipice that look like folded silks and so it got its name, Cloud Folded Hill.

There is a cave at the waist of the hill; often time's strong and cool wind will blow through the direction of the cave and on to the whole hill. Therefore, people also called it "Feng Dong Hill", meaning "wind blowing through the hill".

The hill has its special scenes and became scenic spot in Tang Dynasty, poet Yuan Hui discovered the site; he was the official of Guilin then. It is clearly said in book "The Story of Cloud Folded Hill" written by Yuan Hui. That there are many tourist attraction on the hill: Sheng Shou Temple, Yue Pavilion, Qi Yuan Pavilion, Xiao You Pavilion, Jing Feng Garret and Mao House.

People once lived in the hill had planted trees like those that sweet-osmanthus all around the hill. Today, we can see green shades and get flower smell everywhere. This is why the hill has another name: Gui Hill.

During the past tens of years, the local government has rebuilt all the attractions of the hill and built some new scenic spots like Cloud Folded Pavilion and Yang Zhi Hall on the hill. If you are traveling around the hill, you will find beautiful views everywhere.

The hill has a long history so that you can find old inscriptions and stone constructions everywhere. Among them, the monument of two generals of Ming Dynasty (1386~1644AD) that refused to surrender to the Ch'ing Dynasty is the most famous.

On the top of the hill, there is a relic stand named "Ma Wang Stand", which was built by Ma Yin, the King of Chu Period (951~960AD) of the Five Dynasties. On the wall of the Cloud Folded Cave, there are statues of Master Da Mo and other 25 Buddha. All the relics are rare and have high value to supplement or revise the antique literature.