Hainan Coconut Plantation, China

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Coconut Plantation

The Coconut Plantation is located at Wenchang County and Ya County in Hainan Island in China. It extends for several hundred kilometers along the coast, which presents a lingering charm of south China.

Naturally, Hainan Island abounds with coconuts, and more than half of the coconut output is produced in Wenchang County. There is a saying:

"The coconut output of Wenchang takes up half of that of Hainan
The most wonderful sight is the coconut plantation."

Coconut trees in different variety are planted along the coastline in Hainan Island. There are red coconut, green coconut, short coconut, water coconut, and so on. More than 500,000 coconut trees are standing along the coastline, presenting a boundless but wonderful sight. The coconut plantation characterizes Wenchang County.

Malaysia is the hometown of coconut. Perhaps it is because of the similar climate that coconut has been growing in Hainan Island for more than 2000 years. While living in the Hainan Island, the great poet Su Dongpo in Song Dynasty (960 ~ 1279A.D.) admired the scenery of coconut trees very much.

Due to his fondness of coconut milk, he wrote, "Good wine comes from the forest naturally, we need not wait for Qiuyi." (Qiuyi was a famous wine maker in ancient time). In his line, he compared coconut milk as natural drink, and indicated that coconut milk was very delicious.

Coconut trees grow in everywhere in Wenchang County, and therefore all local specialties are related to coconut. It is said that every part of coconut trees is a treasure. Accordingly, coconut trees are called "ready source of money". High-quality soap can be made from coconut trees. Edible oil can be refined from coconut kernels. Beautiful handiwork can be carved out of coconut shells. Besides, fresh coconut juice is a cool and refreshing drink. These are all the practical value of coconut trees.

The wonderful sight of boundless coconut plantation is waiting for you. Why not come here to enjoy it? You can walk leisurely in the vast forest of coconut running along the coastline for hundreds of kilometers. While drinking the cool and refreshing coconut milk, you can fully appreciate the coconut trees in various postures. It is said that this kind of way of life is the best way to relive the pressure of life for modern people, and here is the best place to spend the holiday. Here you can fully relax yourself.