Xishuang Banna Dai Ethnic Villages, Yunnan Province China

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Dai Ethnic Village

The Dai Ethnic Villages are the most in Xishuang Banna, Yunnan Province. Many standing Dai Ethnic Villages show the unique culture, art, and colorful ethnic experiences.

Xishuang Banna is a minority autonomous prefecture mainly resides with the Dai ethnic. There are 13 minority groups living in the prefecture, the Dai ethnic occupies most part, and the population spread over 74% of the whole autonomous. The people of Dai ethnic are united and harmonious.

When entering the Dai village you will see many bamboo houses in front of your eyes. Living in the bamboo structure is the unchanged habit of Dai for over a thousand years. This construction suits the tropical rainforest climate in south Asia. The bamboo house come into two layers; the ground lever has fence, which use as the storage and a space for raising poultry.

Upstairs is the place for living; every bamboo structure has a balcony, a big setting room lay with bamboo mat which is the place for eating, resting, and greeting the guests. There is a stove in the center of the room, Dai use it for cooking and heating the house. The setting room is connect with the bedroom and there are usually three to five rooms in the bamboo house.

Building new houses is their great event. Firstly they must select the location and make the base, then they must prepare pillars, when the wood for the pillar is identify, the villagers will spray water to bless it and by blowing bugler. The eight pillars must be divide into four "male pillars" and four "female pillars" and distinguish by male clothes and female clothes covered on the pillars.

While the house is built, the people of the whole village will come and help. The owner will also prepare rich food and drink to entertain the villagers coming to help and the friends coming to congratulate. It is very warm and lively.

If you want to visit the Dai village, you are adviced to select special festival time such as the "Water Festival" in mid April. You can see rich and lively tradition activities, singing, dancing, you will also gain understanding of the simple Dai characters through attending these activities. Participate earthly when join the Water Festival, the wetter you get, the happier and better luck you will be!