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Dazhao Temple

The Dazhao Temple is located in the old town of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. It is called Yikezhao Temple in Mongolian and means large temple. The original name was the Hongci Temple in Han Dynasty.

In Longqing Year of Ming Dynasty from 1572 to 1576, the owner of Tumote Mongolia Aletanhan was sealed as the Shunyi Emperor. Owing to winning the special honor, he decided to enlarge the old city of Hohhot and this Buddhist temple to congratulate as a souvenir.

In the 8th Wanli Year of Ming Dynasty in 1580, the temple was completed to enlarge and called the Hongci Temple. In the temple the statue of Sakyamuni was made of silver entirely, so the Hongci Temple is also called the Silver Buddha Temple.

In Kangxi Year of Qing Dynasty about in 1700, the temple was rebuilt again. The roof of the main hall was changed to pave yellow glazed tiles. After rebuilt, the Hongci Temple became very beautiful and full of Tibetan Buddhist color. The local Mongolians like to call it the Dazhao Temple.

Including the main hall, the Dazhao Temple completely retains the original layout and structure of the temple in Han Dynasty. The main hall is the usual appearance of Lama temple with the type of mixed Han and Tibet and divided into three parts: the front part has three rooms and up and down two-floor front hall, the area of down floor is fairly vast and it is the winding corridor.

Middle part is the hall for reciting scriptures. The back is the Buddhist hall, in the center of the hall the sliver statue of Sakyamuni is worshipped, before the statue there is a couple of gold wooden huge pillars. On the pillar there carved a dragon. In front of the hall there is a couple of hollow stone powerful lions. Passing the main hall, you can see it still has passing hall, east and west side halls, scriptures building, the nine-room building and etc.

From Ming Dynasty to now, the Dazhao Temple is a big temple having considerable position in Hohhot and many important celebrations are also held here.

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