Hainan Dongshan Mountain, China

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Dongshan Mountain

The Dongshan Mountain is located near the sea in Wanning Prefecture on Hainan Island, 60 km away from Wanning Prefecture. It is the famous natural park in Hainan Province and it is also the Buddhism resort in Hainan Province.

The Dongshan Mountain covers an area of about 10 km, its highest peak has the elevation of 184 meters. On the mountain you can see the strange stones made of coral reefs everywhere. The subtropical trees growing very thick and green and the clear dreams flowing up and down in the forest with many stone tablets and carvings left from ancient people form many beautiful landscapes.

There are more than 100 scenic spots such as "sea eyes", "immortal getting guy", "flowing fountain", "watching sea pavilion" and "thirty-three caves". Among them, the most famous is the "sea eyes". It has a special landscape named "water flowing vessel". Allegedly the Jade Emperor led the immortal fountain here and split a stone vessel to retain water by a god axe for the monks of nearby temple. So there is a saying in this place that one has not been to the Dongshan Mountain if he doesn't drink the clear fountain in stone vessel.

In Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasty, some monks built temples on the mountain intermittently such as the famous Chaoyin Temple and the Pure-land Temple. Many residents in Hainan Province often come to the mountain to burn incense and worship Buddha piously and arduously. In various temples there are also fixed and unfixed religion activities.

For instance, when the activity of the Pure-land School is held in the Pure-land Temple, the masters in Pure-land School in Chinese indoors will attend, the monks believing in the Pure-land School of many countries such as Japan and Korea will also come here to attend the activity.

So as to the famous minister Ligang, who was suffered from the Surrender Grouping in court in late year of Song Dynasty, was relegated to Hainan Province, then the common people modeled a statue for him to show respect and placed in the Chaoyin Temple. The people going up to mountain will burn incense for him to worship him. In recent years, here has been the main Buddhism collection place on the Hainan Island.