Jiujiang Dragon Palace Cave, Jiangxi Province China

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Dragon Palace Cave

The Dragon Palace Cave is at the foot of the Wulong Mountain, 30km to the southwest of Pengze County, Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province. The Lushan Mountain is not far from it. It is a natural underground "palace".

Geographers say the area around the Lushan Mountain used to be a sea thousands of years ago. A lot of limestone accumulated under the sea. Later the crust changed, the seabed rose, then the land was formed. The Dragon Palace Cave is therefore a limestone cave with a length of over 2,700 meters. Interestingly enough, the caves are linked as if there were caves within caves. It resembles the Dragon Palace in East Sea described in the famous ancient Chinese novel "Pilgrims to the West".

Entering the Dragon Palace Cave, you will see there are three stalactites like the Longman very much in front of the Dragon Palace Cave. Its forehead is protruding, two sides of the hair are grey, welcoming people with smile, so it is called "the Sea Longman".

Behind the hall and in the lotus pond stone lotuses are blooming, very beautiful and lively. Walking forward to the East Palace, there are all kinds of stalactites inside the cave. Some are like sea birds and some are like palace lanterns. In the West Palace, the most attractive is the stalagmite called "Sea God Needle" in "Western Travel". It is very famous. The God needle is connected with the top of the cave, under the needle there is a stone tortoise, not only interesting, but also very grand.

When visitors come here, they cannot help taking photos as a souvenir. In deep ditch of stone wall in west side, if looking carefully, you will see as if there were shrimp soldiers and crab generals patrolling in boats. From this, we can see the creation of skillful craftsmen is very lively.

Just as its name implies, the Drum Music Hall is a playing music place in the Dragon Palace Cave. In the hall there are hundreds of stalactites like waterfalls. If you knock them lightly, you will hear low or high ringing sound like musical instruments. Some are like piano sound and some are like drum sound...

Walking more forward, there are natural god bell pagodas. The patterns are full of the pagoda body and the icicles concentrate at the bottom of the pagodas. There is a place 1,000 meters away from the cave entrance with 80 meters long, 60 meters wide and over 50 meters high. The throne of Dragon Emperor places in the center with stone drums, stone furnace and towering stone pillars around, very magnificent and solemn like a luxuriant Dragon Palace.

Such unique Dragon Palace Cave collecting the natural and artificial ingenious and brilliant conception is a special scenic spot in Jiujiang.