Guizhou Anshun Sky-Pool and Dragon-Palace, China

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Anshun Sky-Pool and Dragon-Palace

Anshun Sky-Pool and Dragon-Palace is located in Longtan village, Matou town-ship, Anshun County, Guizhou province. It is described as Ya-Tai marvellous natural phenomenon just like the Crystal Palace.

In the area 20 kilometers away from Huangguoshu waterfall in Guizhou province, there exist plateau-lake which area is about 10000 square meters or so, that is called Sky-Pool, water in it is very dark green and clear, its one end leads to a deep cave, the other fall down from a cave near the bank and form a large water flow, that is the famous Longmen waterfall.

That deep cave is called Dragon-Palace. The waterfall in the cave underground is very magnificent, it can be seldom found in any other countries.

There are more than 10 iron boats on the wharf near the Sky-Pool. As soon as visitors board the boats, the boatmen start to row their oars and go to Dragon-Palace directly. The entrance of Dragon-Palace is wide and large, various sizes of Zhongru Stone such as thick and thin, tall and short, hall down from the top of it, the landscape here is very special.

The boats move forward slowly among the large Zhongru stones, visitors emerge a mysterious feeling suddenly. In fact, the Dragon-Palace is a water cave underground,3000meters long, the boats move in the dark and quiet water, people can only hear slight sound of rowing and water. Visitors sit in the boats comfortably and enjoy the landscape of stone cave full of Zhongru stones, small stones with the aid of light in rock wall.

The boats sometimes enter into the spacious hall, sometimes in narrow path. the cave top is 80 meters high in some halls. The water cave is 800 meters long totally. When the boats go to the end of the water, visitors land on the bank, come out from another cave which is under 100 meter-high cliff. So, it is very magnificent.

In fact, the water cave is only small part of Dragon-Palace. Passing 800 meters to the end of water cave, when people go forward and through one stone bridge, there is another water cave, called 2nd Palace. Compared with the Dragon-Palace,2nd Palace looks smaller, about 25ometers long, then, go forward again, there is stone cave without water, called 3rd Palace, about 400meters long.

After that, come to 4th Palace, a water cave of 1200meters long or so. The total length of the four Palaces is 2700metres,full of stone pillars, stone flowers, Zhongru stones and small stones, the landscape of every palace appear different charicteristcs.

In China, there are many water caves such as Shanjuan cave in Yixing, water cave in Benxi, Liaoning province for people to enjoy, but comparing with Anshun Sky-Pool and Dragon-Palace, the landscape here is more interesting and special. Foreign visitors think Anshun Dragon-Palace is more worth visiting than Xixili water cave in Italy.

Dragon-Palace scenic spot covers 60 square kilometres land and the Sky-Pool is its center including Youcai Lake, Yutang, Dragon-Palace and Mahuang. The four spots have many beautiful stone cave. Since many years ago, Anshun area is famous for its special natural landscapes, every hill, water, cave, waterfall, stone, cliff and spring keep abundant origin beauty. There exist many valuable spots which are worth developing within this area.