West Lake Dragon Well, China

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Dragon Well

The Dragon Well is located in the Fenghuang Mountain, the southwest of West lake. With green mountains, clear spring, verdant trees and quite environment, it is a natural scenic spot with wild flavor in the West Lake Tourist Zone.

The Dragon Well consists of Dragon well Village, Dragon Well Temple and Dragon Well Tea. Their names all originated from the Dragon Well Spring. The spring is one of the three famous springs. The spring comes from the rock and its water is clean and free from pollution. Legend said that the well was connected with the sea in which a dragon lived. Hence the well got its name.

Besides the sweet and clean water, the scenery of the Dragon Well is quiet and refined. Surrounded by the green mountains, the place is overflowing with vigor.

In 1761,the emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty visited here. Facing the beautiful scenery, he was really keen on it and wrote five characters "the best among mountain and river" at the spot. He visited all the Eight Scenes of Dragon Well and gave eight beautiful titles to them. They are respectively GuoxiTing, Dixinzhao, Yipianyun, Fenghuangling, Fangyuan'an, Longhongjian, Shenyunshi, Cuifengge. These names have been known from generation to generation. Even in the scenic spots, you can find the handwriting of Emperor QianLong.

When you enjoy the green mountains and clear water, why not have a cup of fine Dragon Well Tea? It is really a wonderful pleasure. With more than 1200 years history, the tea is a famous local flavor. The tea trees are mainly planted around the Dragon well Village, the southwest of West Lake. Among them, the tea produced from Dragon Well, Meijiawu, Wengjiashan, Lion Mountain is the best.

There are many kinds of teas such as lion, dragon, cloud, and tiger. According to the History of Tea, which was written by the famous sampler Luyu in the Tang Dynasty, among the entire Dragon Well Tea the Lion Mountain Tea is the best.

Why the Dargon Tea wins her fame? Besides the unique natural condition, the method of making tea is also unique. The maker selected the tender bud and fried them. When to pick up the tea is another important thing. The tea picked up before the pure brightness is called Mingqian Tea and Grain Rain Yuqian Tea.

Mingqian Tea is the best and Yuqian Tea follows it. The tea picked up in the other time is common tea. So when you buy tea, you must pay attention to the variety. The fine tea is green, sweet, thick, and nice.

When you finished touring the Dragon Well Tourist Zone, it is a good choice to visit the Dragon Well Tea Factory. You can get to know the process of making tea and have more knowledge on how to identify tea. But the process is so complicated that you can't take all in your eyes.