Shanghai Qingpu Golf Course, China

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Golf Course at Qingpu

The Golf Course at Qingpu located at Qingpu District, Shanghai, is also called the "Shanghai International Golf Club".

Set up in 1989, Shanghai International Golf Club is one of the earliest golf clubs in Shanghai. In fact, when golf becomes popular in China, there have been several world famous golf courses in Shanghai.

The total investment of Golf Club reaches 18,000,000$, jointly invested by well-known companies of China, Japan and USA. The world famous Robert & Jones Co., Ltd. designs the blueprint of Shanghai International Golf Club.

It gets another name "The Golf Course at Qingpu" because golf club is located at Qingpu District.

Entering the main gate of the club, you could see a traditional British style villa in 19th century. The villa is the main building in golf club, where golfers could have a rest. Inside the villa, there are many modern facilities including splendid restaurant, marvelous bars and library.

Facing the villa, there is the grand golf course with the area of 1000, 000 square meters. Locating west part of Dianshan Scenic Spot Area, the golf course owns a beautiful setting. You could view the trees and flowers, you could enjoy the springs and lakes here and there on the course, which is not smooth but is, like the waves.

The good drain facilities add more colors to it. The golf course is divided into 2 parts, the south part and the north part. The north part has an exercising golf course and 3 holes (3 greens). And the south part owns a standard golf course and 18 holes (18 greens) with 72 pins. Every green is 5, 000 inches long, which could entertain at least 200 golfers. The well-trained caddies with certain referred certificates can provide good service to both amateurs and professionals.

It's very convenient for you to reach Shanghai International Golf Club from the downtown.