Shanghai Qingpu Grand View Garden, China

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Grand View Garden at Qingpu

Located at the lakeside Dianshan in Qingpu in Shanghai, Grand View Garden is a complex in typical architectural style of the Qing Dynasty (1616A.D. ~ 1911A.D.).

The garden is modeled from the scenes described in "The Red Chamber Dream", one of the greatest Chinese novels. Because the landscapes in the garden and the stories depicted in the book shine mutually, the Grand View Garden quickly, become an attractive scenic spot in Shanghai area in recent years.

The beautiful scenery and sentimental love story depicted in "The Red Chamber Dream" have enchanted readers from generation to generation; people said this love story novel can be repeatedly read and not feel dull.

Visitors who want to walk in to the Grand View Garden in person and image the scenes described in the love story become reality are bound to come here. They can not only find a copy of Grand View Garden near the Dianshan Lake, but also experience the outstanding manner of imperial kinsmen's private gardens in the Qing Dynasty.

In the garden, you can walk the story's main characters homes, the Bamboo Lodge in the bamboo grove in which Lin Daiyu lives, Pleasant Red Court in which Jia Baoyu lives and Alpinia Park in which Xue Baochai lives. Exquisitely constructed pavilions, towers, caves, rocks scenes and pavements scattered through out the garden.

The perfume of osmanthus blossom and plum blossom floats everywhere. Located to the east of Dianshan Lake, the Grand View Garden occupies an area of more than 1300 mu with a total floor space of 8000 square meters. The construction began in 1986 and took 9 years to complete.

The garden has two sections - the East Scenic Spot and the West Scenic Spot. The major landscape in the east section consists of folk custom villa, the plums garden and the garden of sunflowers. The west part is famous for the architectural complex in classic style. Walking in the garden, you may have an illusion that you have returned to the past.

The "Plum Blossom Yard" is the best place in the garden for you to appreciate the plum blossoms. The "Cool Fragrance Pavilion" commands a full view of the junction of the Yangtze River, where the ten-thousand-li blue water is dotted with plentiful white sails.

In addition, you can enjoy the music and the banquet of "Red Chamber", which were made according to the descriptions in the story. You can also have the chance to play a role described in the novel "The Red Chamber Dream".