Guangxi Guan Tou Ling Scenic Area, China

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Guan Tou Ling Scenic Area

The Guan Tou Ling Scenic Area is located on the Guan Tou Ling Mountain, Beihai, Guangxi Province, 8 km away from Beihai. It is a famous visiting scenic area.

The Guan Tou Ling is 6 km long as if a blue dragon lay in southwest of Beihai. It faces sea and at the foot of the mountain there is a Lianyang Cave.

According to the cave, there built a temple named Wang Long Yan. In the cave there carved Buddha statues on the rocks. The style of these stone carvings on the rock is entirely different from the stone carvings and rock sculptures of north and northwest of China.

On the sand in front of the Lianyang Ancient Cave there are lots of strange stones standing straight there. When the waves pat the rocks, you will hear sound like thunder. This is one of the characters of the Guan Tou Ling.

The scenery of the beautiful coastline, blue sky and white cloud, blue sea and the sand is the second character of the Guan Tou Ling.

There is a former spot of ancient garrison watch built in Qing Dynasty in southwest of the main peak with the height of120 meters. Long ago the soldiers of Qing Dynasty halted here to keep watch in order to guard against pirates.

When you climb to the top and have an outlook around, you will see the sea and the sky have the same color, the sky and the earth is very vast, let you feel completely relaxed and happy.

Many people come here, their main aim is to appreciate the sunrise, sunset and the landscapes of vast and blue waves. At night you put the public affairs behind the brains, under the swaying of breeze, you are appreciating the boat fires over the sea. These are another enjoyments that the people live in city pursue and they are also the third character of the Guan Tou Ling.

Located in south of Guangxi Province, the Guan Tou Ling Scenic Area is a natural scenic spot combined with mountain, sea, cave and historic site. In recent years it attracts large quantities of visitors.