Xinjiang Heavenly Lake, China

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Heavenly Lake

Heavenly Lake (Tianchi Lake) is located at the waist of Bo Ge Da Peak, which is at the center of Heavenly Mountain.

It is 100 kilometers away from City of Urumqi. Heavenly Mountain is surrounded by snow all year, visitors can always see the glaciers and snow peaks.

Heavenly Lake gives the impression of dignified, elegant and beauty, the lake is crystal clear it has heavenly blue water, the mountains surround the lake is blend with pines and marvelous flowers.

The melting snow on top of the mountains flew into the lower center of the mountain, created the Heavenly Lake. Legend said this clear blue lake was the heaven queen Madam Wang once lost mirror. A lot of fair tales and poems talk about 3000 years ago, Madam Wang, and the King of Western Zhou had a happy chat together by the lake.

There are many interesting spots around the lake; there are more than ten ancient temples. Most of them are built in Han and Tang Dynasty (206B.C. ~907A.D.) when Buddhism was very popular.

There is a temple named Fushou Si which was built during the years of Ch'ing Dynasty (1644 ~ 1911A.D.). The temple was built with blue blocks and iron tiles, so it has another name "Temple of Iron Tile". Besides the ancient interests, there are great many marvelous plants on the hills, like snow lotus and various herbs.

They are many valuable herb medicines grow on Mt. Heavenly. The mountain is also called treasure bowl, because, there are more than 20 kind of animals, 40 different kind of birds and over 100 kind of insects can be find here.

From the mountain everywhere you turn; you will see green hills, flocks of cattle, sheep, and herdsmen, an easy peaceful life style of this wonderland. Many garden of vegetables and fruits are built by the Hans and Uygur people will give you another beautiful feeling of the mountain. When come to the lake and the mountain, you truly will enjoy the scenery of this Heavenly Lake, is just like its name, the beauty of this lake is heavenly, wordlessness, it is breath taking. You must experience it yourself!

Come to Heavenly Lake, and surround yourself with this wordless environment, sitting in a boat on the lake or take a walk on the green grass hills, stand by the lake, the scenery here will lead you into total relaxation. In summer, Mt.Heavenly is a good place to avoid the heat. In the winter, the mountain is cover with snow and the lake becomes a good place for skating. Therefore, it is a good place for vacation either in summer or in winter.