Urumqi Hongshan Park, Xinjiang China

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Urumqi Hongshan Park

The Hongshan Park lies at the intersection of Hongshan Road and Riverside Road, in City Urumqi of Xingjiang Province.

The mountain has other two names: tiger head mountain and tiger head peak. When the sunlight hits the hills of Hongshan, the rocks of the mountain reflected a bright red color, so that people call it Hongshan ("Red Mountain"). This mountain is the symbolic of the Urumqi City.

The Hongshan Park is located in the center of Urumqi with the 1391 meters high mountain. There is a temple lies on the hilltop called Yu Huang Ge ("Chamber of Heavenly King"), some said it was build in Tang Dynasty (618 ~ 907A.D.) and many monks had study scripture here.

Since then, this chamber also become a resting place for the business people from Central Asia or the tourists from all over the world. Yu Huang Ge had been famous and prosperous, yet a riot in 1930 destroyed this popular chamber.

There is a nine-storage pagoda named Zhen Long Ta at the top of the mountain. It was build in Yuan Dynasty (1277 ~ 1367A.D.). This 25 meters pagoda has been preserve carefully ever since it was build. When the nightfall, the scenery of sunset, and the pagoda are marvelous, this view was one of the eight famous scenic spots in ancient Urumqi.

Before the Chinese government began the cultivation-planting project in Xinjiang Province, the mountain was bare and without any trees. Therefore in 1950s, after several years of cultivation planting, the mountain had a brand new look, the hill are covered with green trees, and the mountain is beautiful.

Today, when you climb up the mountain, you will have the entire panorama view of the city and see the Urumqi River flowing next to the hill.