Shanghai Huangpu River, China

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Huangpu River

Huangpu River is the main river of Shanghai, crossing the urban areas of Shanghai City.

A sightseeing trip on the Huangpu River could offer some interesting perspectives on Shanghai Bund and the riverfront activities from the waters. You can enjoy the nice scenery of the river, but also get a feeling of passing through a corridor of history about Shanghai.

The best way to see the complete scenery of Shanghai and have a full view of Huangpu River is to take a boat trip. On one side, you can find the Bund, where stand a large group of foreign-style buildings with an exotic atmosphere, and the Bund Bridge - the first steel frame bridge on Huangpu River, and the first park in Shanghai - Huangpu Park.

On the other side, you can find Pudong New Area, where stand uncountable newly-built modern skyscrapers and Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the largest one of its kind in Asia.

Rapid changes of Shanghai City created a strong contrast, looking at both sides of the riverbank; it seems that you are listening to the classical and rock-n-roll music at the same time.

When the boat crosses the two sister bridges - Nanpu Bridge and Yangpu Bridge, you will find those two grand heroic bearing bridges attractive. Nanpu Bridge is situated in the south wharf of Shanghai is just like a huge dragon stretching across the Huangpu River, while Yangpu Bridge is more like a rainbow arching across the river.

Its orderly oblique steel ropes resemble a huge harp playing in the wind. Along the river, you can also view the busy Shanghai International Port.

Sailing all the way, you can catch sight of the biggest steel factory in China - Baoshan Steel Corporation, and the ruins of Wusong Ancient Fort. Where the East China Sea, Huangpu River and Yangtze River meets, there is a unique seascape.

The appearance of the water color here, are greenish seawater of the East China Sea, yellow water from Yangtze River and the gray color water from Huangpu River, people called it "Three Color Water". This bizarre way of mother natural mixing color, we like to say, there is no place like it on earth!