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Humming Sand Bay

The Humming Sand Bay is located in Yikezhaomengdalateqi of Inner Mongolia, in northeast of the Kubuqi Desert. There is a magical landscape of humming sand in desert here, one of the biggest three humming sand in China.

With the elevation of 1,150 meters, the Humming Sand is called "Yingken" by local people, it means forever in Mongolian. In the front of the Humming Sand Bay there is a tributary of the Yellow River, at the back against much steep Xiangyang Sand Slope. The whole sand-drift is like a crescent moon.

Setting out from Baotou at Inner Mongolian, crossing the big bridge of the Yellow River and walking towards south for half of an hour, you can arrive at this famous Humming Sand Bay. So-called "Humming Sand", it is the sound that thin sand meets with objects and touches them.

On sunny summer day, you are standing on top of the sand bare-footed, you hold sand in your hand and press it hard, you will hear the sound like frog calling. If you pedal the sand hard, immediately you will hear sound like a plane flying over your head. If you slide down from the top of the sand-drift, you will hear the sound like car motor. It is really an outstanding works of nature.

In recent years, many scientists have studied the "Humming Sand" from many angels and tried to uncover the natural mystery. This sand-drift which can release sound has strange effort as well as the Mingsha Mountain near the Buddha Cave in Dunhuang, Gansu Province, and the Shapotou in Zhongwei Prefecture, Ningxia. The local people cannot explain this kind of peculiar phenomenon, so they bestow them many beautiful legend stories.

Inner Mongolia is a region with many deserts, sand lands and gobi beaches cover an area of about 300,000 square km and occupy 25% of total areas. The deserts here are composed with flowing sand-drift and sand mountains with varied shapes. If you take a broad view to it, you will see it is boundless and you will find it is the typical desert scene.

Usually deserts and gobi give people the impression of danger and uncultivated place. In fact, desert has its important value to human beings, it provides human beings rich travel resources which is one of its values. The magical Humming Sand is such rare travel resource.

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