Inner Mongolian Museum, China

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Inner Mongolian Museum

The Inner Mongolian Museum is located on No.2 Xinhua Street, Huhehaote of Inner Mongolian Self - Governing District. The museum owns traditional architecture designs, having one main structure, a white three-stored building.

A statue of white horse stands on the roof of Inner Mongolian Museum. An old saying goes that the Meng Nationality (an ethnic group of China) is keen on riding and relies on the horses very much. The white building together with the white horse attract every one's sight and make it easily recognized on the grand and wide grass land.

Set up in 1957, the Inner Mongolian Museum covers an area of 50, 000 square meters. The museum has around 60, 000 pieces of work of art in the collection and more than 80, 000 ancient coins.

As far as the relics of Meng Nationality concerned, the Inner Mongolian Museum ranks the first and is the most famous in China. It is also well-known for the collections of other ethnic groups, especially the Nationalities in northern China.

The Inner Mongolian Museum has 3 main monographic galleries, the Paleozoic Relics gallery, the Cultural Relics Gallery of Meng Nationality and the Inner Mogul Historical Relics Gallery.

Dating back to Qin and Han Dynasty, there lived many ancient minorities such as Xiongnu (Hun), Xianbei (Sienpi), Tujue (Turk), Qidan (Khitan), Nuzhen (Nuchen), Dangxiang, and the Mongolian. You could view many historical relics of these minorities at Inner Mongolian Museum.

The rare ceramics are mainly the cultural relics of Xiongnu and Xianbei in Qin and Han Dynasty. Here, you could appreciate the crowns and clothes of Khan, the clothes of Xianbe nobles, the gilded golden ware and the agate ornaments either for human beings or for animals.

Furthermore, you could see the imperial robe of Mongolian Kings. In one word, there is a large variety of works of art in Inner Mongolian Museum.

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