Henan Kaifeng Iron Pagoda, China

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The Iron Pagoda

The Iron Pagoda, another name of "Pagoda of Kaibao Temple", is located in the Iron Pagoda Park, northeast part of Kaifeng, Henan Province.

It ranks the first in the pagodas and owns its fame as "the No. 1 Pagoda in China". It reaches into the sky and is a glazed pagoda whose color is like that of the iron.

The Iron Pagoda was set up in 1049 AD, Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), given another name " Pagoda of Youguo Temple". The Iron Pagoda is built to consecrate the Buddhist Remains of the Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism (the former prince in India).

It was once a wooden pagoda, designed by Yuhao, a most famous architect in Song Dynasty. The Iron Pagoda was originally 120m high but was ruined by a struck of lightning. The existent pagoda is 50.08m high with 8 eaves and 13 floors.

The Pagoda is made of 28 various styles of glazed bricks, on which are carved more than 50 lively characters such as the Chinese Unicorn, the Buddhas, the Guarding Warriors, and the disciples of Sakyamuni and the celestials. There was originally an octagonal lotus pond under the ground floor, on which an inscribed board " The No. 1 Pagoda in China" hangs.

There is a courtyard beside the Iron Pagoda where is the former Buddhist Institute. Now, it belongs to Historical Relics Displaying Hall, in which consecrates a valueless statue of Jade Buddha. You could see an octagonal pavilion standing the other side of pagoda.

There consecrates a bronze statue of Buddha in Song Dynasty, 12 tons heavy and 5.4 meters high. The two statues are all the rare relics of the works of art. Against the bronze statue, there is a rare colorful fresco printed on the back wall, which presents the magnificent and mysterious spiritual life in Buddhist Sukhavati (Western Paradise).

The Iron Pagoda experienced many disasters such as wars, floods, and earthquakes in the past. Although the foundation has been ruined, the main body of Iron Pagoda still stands in Kaifeng and ranks the most famous pagoda in China.

And 1, 000 years has passed, everything presents a new face including Kaifeng (it is no longer the capital city of Song Dynasty). But, the Iron Pagoda is still the top pagoda in China. If you pay a visit to Kaifeng, don't miss Iron Pagoda. It's really worth visiting !