Harbin Jile Temple, China

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Jile Temple

The Jile Temple is located on the East Straight Avenue of Nangang District, Harbin, Helongjiang Province.

It is honored as one of four well-known temples in Northeast China, which the other three temples are Panruo Temple at Changchun, Cien Temple at Shenyang and Lengyan Temple at Yingkou.

The Jile Temple covers an area of 57, 000 square meters. Yanxu, a famous monk in North China and 43rd disciple of Tiantaizong, set up the Jile Temple in 1920s. The temple stands against the north facing the East Straight Avenue.

We could say that the structure and design of Jile Temple strictly follows the traditional Chinese architecture characters on temples.

You could see Drum Tower and the Bell Tower entering the main gate of Jile Temple. At every sunrise and sunset, the monks will beat the drum and the bell of two towers for asking the other monks to do their morning and the afternoon worships.

The citizens in Harbin will start their daily life according to the beating times. Sometimes, monks could also beat the drum and the bell during the temple ceremonies.

Jile Temple owns the main buildings as the main courtyard, the west and the east yards. The main courtyard covers an area of 1, 800 square meters, which includes Heaven Hall, Mahavira Hall (great hero), Three Celestial Hall and Hall of Collecting Buddhist Volumes.

Jile Temple consits of 4 enters. The first enter is Heaven Hall consecrating the mural, the Four Heavenly Kings. The second is the Mahavira Hall, the largest hall in Jile Temple. You could see the statue of Sakyamuni, some disciples and his guarding warriors. After that, you come to the third enter, which consecrate 3 Buddhas. The forth and last enter is the Hall of Collecting Buddhist Volumes.

Now, you could see that the Heaven Hall stands behind the Drum and Bell Towers. Along the 4 enters, there are wings, where famous monks hold speeches on Buddhist volumes or Buddhist have a rest or read Buddhist Scripture. A pagoda stands at the east courtyard, carved the scripture, in which many Buddhas are consecrated.

When spring comes to the corner, on every lunar April.8th, 18th and 28th, there holds the huge and magnificent ceremonies to celebrate the day when Buddha was born.

There must be a big crowd that many Buddhists pay a visit and make worship. If you are interested in attending the temple fair and enjoy the scenery in spring, why not come to Harbin to entertain yourself? It's surely a good choice.