Guizhou Kaili Miao Village, China

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Kaili Miao Village

Miao is a minority in Guizhou province of China. Their colorful costumes, festivals and architectural buildings are most characteristic of Chinese minorities.

Most of the Miao minorities live in Kaili city. The Kaili Miao Village is the best place for you to get closer to Chinese minority culture.

The environment of the Kaili Miao Village is like a paradise on earth, with mountains around and a limpid creek flowing into the beautiful Dan River. There is an ancient wooden bridge over the creek, under which hordes of ducks are disporting in the water, and rows of water mills along the bank.

On the hillside beside the village, there is 150-meter long racecourse. Horse races, ballad singing and hill climbing competitions are held here every March of Chinese calendar.

The architectural style of the village is typical of minorities in southern China. The houses in the village are built beside the hills and are all made of wood. The first floor is usually several feet above the ground, which is very unique. If you want to know the reason, better go and ask them by yourselves.

There are three wooden arches standing on the east, west and north corners of the village, which are called "the gate of the village". The roads and courtyards in the village are all paved and tessellated with pebble and stones.

If you want to enter the village and have a closer look, there is a challenge waiting ahead. According to the Miao people, it is a friendly custom to invite the visitors to have a drink of their wines.

From the main road leading to the village till the gate of the village, there are twelve gateways laid by them. If you want to pass a gateway, you must drink up two bowls of wines presented by the beautiful Miao boys and girls. The wines represent their best wishes for you. Therefore, you cannot go into the village until you drink up twenty-four bowls of wines.

Once you are in the village, a peaceful and leisure life led by the Miao people will be revealed in front of you. The women wear long skirts with exquisite embroidery while the men wear traditional long robes of ancient times. The old looms and spinning wheels in the houses tell you the peaceful lives in the Miao village.

You can wander around the village to appreciate the architecture, the clothing and the hair styles handed down from generations to generations. When you are met by the villagers, they will surely invite you to their homes and welcome you to come again to join in their Miao New Year festival.