Xinjiang Kalakuli Lake (Karakuli Lake), China

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Xinjiang Kalakuli Lake

Kalakuli lake (Karakuli Lake), located at the foot of Mushitage Glacier in the east of the Pamirs in Xinjiang, is a summer resort for spending a holiday.

Mushitage mountain peak which Kalakuli Lake located is the 3rd high peak in the Pamirs, called the father of iceberg and the cradle of Chinese mountaineering. Its elevation is 7546meters high, when you look it far away, it is covered with ice and sonw, snow mountain connect one after another, so, it looks most magnificent. Under shinning of bright sunny, the blue sky, white cloud, iceberg and snow mountain form beautiful scenery just like myth.

It is said that Mushitage iceberg changed from a kind-hearted Goddess. The legend show a happy reverie from Tajike and Kerkezi minority nationality in Xinjiang.

Kelakuli Lake is a mountain lake with area of 10 square kilometer and elevation of 3600meters. It is wide and deep (30meters), the water appear deep blue and nearly like black. Kalakuli means black in Uygur language, this is how the name of lake come from.

Kalakuli lake is the largest one among many lakes in the Pamirs, if you look from far distance, the lake is surrounded by many mountain and refects silvery light; but when you are close to it, the lake is very quiet and clean.

The grand Mushitage peak, Gonger peak, Gongerjiubie peak invert and reflect in water, the landscape in land and water, the lake, the hills add radiance and beauty to each other. It is very quiet here. There is a grasslands near the lake, the grass grow luxuriantly, shepherd from Kazak and Kerkuzi often station to herd sheep and castle here.

There built yurt and wooden house, service center that offer help for mountaineer who sleep in the open. The most suitable season of spending holiday is spring, summer and fall, mountaineer, tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the scenery spot, spend their holiday and sleep in the open, mountaineering.

Fresh air in the mountain, nice and cool climate near lakeside, the hills and the lake, water and sky are in perfect harmony, such scenery is very beautiful just like it is described in poem and drawing, let people feel relaxed and happy. Therefore, it is called an ideal place for mountain-seeing and tour.