Turphan Ker Well, Xinjiang China

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Turphan Ker Well

The Ker Well is located in Turphan Basin. The Ker Well is a man made irrigation aqueduct. It looks like a small river, the Ker Well consists of the aqueduct, underground waterway, and the reservoir for water.

The tribes in Xinjiang Providence, especially the Uygur used it to irrigating their crops. There are birches trees along both sides of the aqueduct. This green and luxuriant plants has its special attraction.

You can find Kur Wells everywhere in central Xinjiang, especially in Turphan Basin. There are 1158 wells in the basin and is more than 3000 kilometers long.

Lots of water on this big basin comes from the snow in the mountains, it has a great deal of groundwater. The upper stream well is used as reservoir and the lower stream well is used to transport and supply water. Some wells are large and some are small, the areas of those wells are from one to tens of square kilometers.

Every10 meters, there is a "standing well" it to ventilate the air and use as chamber for repair. Each standing well has a cap to prevent the sand. In the area near the Uygur village, locals will first lead the water into the reservoir and divide the waterway, then, use the water to irrigating the fields.

Year after year the wells help irrigate this desert plant, it help created this oasis. During the harvest season, the smells of the ripen fruits always brings many smiling faces. Growers will host party with they guests through out the season. People of Xinjiang always say that the Ker Well bring wealth to the valley of Flaming Mountain.

In ancient Chinese novel "Journey to the West" did not mention the Ker Well, because it was not invented when the novel was written. If it had been invented then, the writer of this great novel might use the water in the wells to put out the fire instead of borrowing the fan from Iron Fan Princess.