Weifang Kite Museum, Shangdong China

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Kite Museum

The Kite Museum is located in No.66 Xing Zheng Street, Wei Cheng District, Weifang City, Shangdong Province. It is the biggest kite museum of the world.

The whole area of the Kite Museum is 13000 square meters, and its area of construction is 8100 square meters. The museum looks like a flying dragon. The inspiration of the construction design came from a special kite - the kite with a dragon head and a centipede body, which had attracted lots of interest in the Weifang Kite Festival.

The museum has a 1600 square meters large hall and other 3000 square meters large different exhibition rooms. From the material objects, photos and real materials, you can see the origin and history of kite.

There're detailed introduction of kites' style, kind, making skill and character. In the museum, you can also see the festivals and national exchange of kites.

There're more than 2000 excellent kites in the museum, we can classify them into three parts: the traditional kites, the creative kites and foreign kites.

All the exhibits are special of material, color and design. Most of them came from bold imagination of natural existence, and they are complex of vivid form and traditional character.

There's only one place that you can see both the making process and the performance of kites, it is the Kite Museum. You can also buy some mementos and crafts from the museum. This is a special and professional museum of kites, if you're traveling around Weifang, don't miss the museum.

The Traditional Kite:

Most of them are animals: different sizes dragon head centipedes, butterflies, birds and so on. There're also some other kites that are the human beings in Chinese fairy tales, or someone look like section of thick bamboo. All of them are beautiful and have thick traditional character.

The Creative Kite:

The Creative Kites came from the local kite artists and amateur workers. Their creations are complex of creative spirits and rich imagination: trick kites, mini kites and giant kites.

The Foreign Kite:

They came from different countries and areas with their own national characters and all of them are vivid. The form, color and working skills are really different from Chinese kites.