Jiangsu Wuxi Li Garden, China

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Li Garden

The Li Garden at north part of Li Lake, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province is the famous scenic area in Wuxi.

It is named after well-known historic figure, Fan Li in Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC-476 BC). The wealthy businessman Wang Erzheng set up Li garden in 1930 as his private garden.

The Li Garden cover an area of 123mu, one third of which is the lake. Li Garden is divided into 4 parts, the Four-Season Pavilion, Spring at South Bank, Long Corridor and the manmade mountains. You could enjoy these 4 scenic areas after you enter the Li Garden, go through the spacious halls, pass the quite corridors and yards and then turn right crossing the manmade mountains.

The Four-Season Pavilion is a garden famous for its four seasons' flowers, surrounded by the bridges, the paths. You can go boating at a small yard after passing the riverbank and the bridges.

The Long Corridor is opposed the Four Season Pavilion, where 300 willows and 400 peaches with more than 10 species are planted. It presents a beautiful picture when spring is in the season.

The Long Corridor is the most special scenic spot in Li Garden with 289 m long, which connects two buildings, the old Li Garden, and the fishing village. The Long Corridor looks more winding and deep with 7-moon style gateways. Do not miss the 1928 built famous 37 figures' sculptures on the Long Corridor. If you are interested in the Chinese Calligraphy, it is really worth seeing.

People said that Li Garden is like a pearl inlaid on Li Lake and the garden matches the lake very well. It is really worth touring due to its fame, its beauty, and its sights.