Guilin Li River, China

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Li River

The Li River is located in Guangxi Province.

"The scenery of Guilin is the best in the world, and Yangshuo's scenery is the best in Guilin." This line of description has spread for thousands of years in China. The main reason why the scenery in Guilin and Yangshuo are so beautiful is that there is a Li River running through them. The scenery on both sides of the Li River is beyond description.

Originated from the Cat Mountain in the Xing'an County which is to the north of Guilin, Li River runs through the whole eastern area of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Belonging to the Zhujiang River System, it flows through Guilin, Yangshuo, Pingle, and Wuzhou, then reaches Xijiang River. It is 437 kilometers long in total. In the range from Guilin to Yangshuo, the Li River runs through various mountains and winds among them like a blue ribbon.

On both sides of its bank are numerous wonderful sights, such as blue water circling the mountains, odd peaks reflected in the water, waterfalls flying down from the mountains...

So many distinctive scenes comprise a long picture scroll, which enjoys the reputation of "One-hundred-centimeter Li River is a one-hundred-centimeter picture scroll".

Hanyu, a great poet of Tang Dynasty, wrote the following line to praise the beauty of the Li River,

"The river looks like a blue ribbon,
And the mountains are emerald hairpin."

A long cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo can offer you a completely chance to enjoy the beauty of the Li River. In the ancient times, many poets wrote uncountable poems to praise the beauty of the Li River while visiting it. A short cruise is also available. You can board a boat in Guilin or Yangshuo and visit the scenes near one of the two cities. In fact, there are too many wonderful sights for your eyes to take in either on the long cruise or on the short cruise.

The Li River can be rated as a pearl among the beautiful landscapes in China. As the best of the scenes in Guilin, the scenery of the Li River is famous throughout the world.