Shanghai Lu Xun's Tomb, China

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Lu Xun's Tomb

Lu Xun's Tomb is located in the Hong Kou Park of Shanghai. The tomb, the Museum of Lu Xun and the former residence of Lu Xun is the three spots for people to commemorate the modern literature giant.

The tomb of Lu Xun was once in the Wang Guo Tomb Garden of Western Shanghai. In 1956, 20 years after his death, the local government of Shanghai moved the tomb to the Hong Kou Park. Now the tomb is beside the Museum of Lu Xun.

Mr Lu always went to the garden to walk and read when he was alive. The tomb is made up of granite. There is a copper statue of Lu Xun in the grass in front of the tomb. From the statue, you can see Mr Lu siting in chair with long clothes, reading the book and thinking. There're pines trees around the tomb.

From all above, you can see how he is important for Chinese modern literature.

The Museum of Lu Xun standing in the woods of Hong Kou Park beside the tomb, was built in 1956. The style of the construction is just like those in Lu Xun's hometown - Shaoxing of Zhejiang Province.

In the museum, there're more than 1700 exhibits, including the writing materials and manuscript of Lu Xun. All of them are telling you Mr Lu's life and work during the ten years in Shanghai.

The former residence of Lu Xun was his home from 1933 to 1936. It is a three-floor red-brick building. Outside the house, there is a little garden. The second floor was the place that Lu Xun used to work and sleep. In this room, Lu Xun had written lots of famous articles.