Hainan Sanya Luhuitou Peninsula (Deer Looking Back), China

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Luhuitou Peninsula

Luhuitou Peninsula is 5 kilometers south of Sanya City in Hainan Island.

It is a 270-meter-high hill, three sides of which are surrounded by sea. Because the shape of the hill suggests a deer looking back, it is named Luhuitou (Deer Looking Back).

More than 200 households live in the Luhuitou Peninsula. They are of Lizu nationality, which is one of the Chinese minority nationalities. No matter who come here, the Lizu people will be glad to tell him the story about the origin of the name - "Luhuitou" and the legend attached to it.

For more than hundreds of years, Luhuitou seemed a fictitious land of peace that secluded from the world. Only a Lizu hamlet lay nearby. Gradually it became a peaceful scenic spot, and more and more people knew its name.

Several years ago it was opened up for sightseeing, and named Luhuitou Park, where people can have a rest or see sights. Below the hill are dense coconut trees, bright-colored tropical flowers, blue waves, and white sails. It is really a resort for people to avoid the cold weather.

Standing on the top of Luhuitou Hill, you can overlook the vast blue sea. When it is sunny, you can see the Xisha Island ("West Sand Island") in the distance, as well as the undulating hills.

Luhuitou Hill commands a full view of Sanya City. On the top of the Luhuitou Hill, you can see different views in different time. Even though the views are increasingly changing, they are beautiful all the time. If you are free and intend to spend the time in a place where the scenery is charming and the scenes of minority nationality is typical, you are bound to come here.

History & Legend

Legend has it that the place where the present Sanya City is located used to be a desolate beach a long time ago. One day, a brave young hunter saw a beautiful golden spotted deer. Because deer was rare there and because the spotted deer was so beautiful, the young hunter decided to catch it and keep running after it. The golden deer ran very quickly. It traveled across mountains and rivers, tramped over hills and dales.

However, the young hunter always kept up with it. When it arrived here, the deer had no way to go but helplessly look back at the young hunter, who was about to pull his bow. The young hunter felt a sense of pity and lay aside his bow immediately. At this time the deer became a beautiful girl. They fell in love with each other at once and decided to get married.

Since then they took up their residence in this desolate place, and afterwards their descendants formed this village. This legend is wide spread in the local Lizu people.

The ridge where the deer looked back was given a specific and vivid name - Luhuitou (Deer Looking Back).