Jiangxi Nanchang Meiling, China

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Situated in the Wangli District, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, the Meiling was called the Feihong Hill originally.

It is an offshoot of the Jiuling Mountain and its landscape is quiet and beautiful. In Xihan Dynasty, the Nanchang official Meifu gave up his office and lived in seclusion on the hill. People changed the name into the Meiling in order to show respect to him.

There are a lot of scenic spots on the hill. Inside 150 square km, there are the Meixian Terrace, the Meixian Hall, the Xiyao House, the Luohan Hill, the Lion Peak, the Ciyang Hill, the Wind and Rain Pond, the Red Hill, the Yingfeng Cheng, the Long Hill the Willow Jian and etc. Among them, the Hongya Danjing and the Xishan Jicui have already list into ten good scenic spots in ancient Jiangxi.

Nanchang was called Hongzhou or Hongdu, related to the name of Hongya Danjing. There are a lot of mountains in the Meiling full of plum blossoms and bamboos. Not only beautiful scenery is distributing everywhere, but also temples are standing like a forest.

There are a lot of Confucian temples and Taoist altars. The most famous is the Cuiyan Temple. Originally there was a copper statue of Sakyamuni with the height of 5 meters in this temple, very famous.

In South and North Dynasty, the emperor of South Tang Dynasty Lijing was familiar with the pontiff of this temple and he often came here to consult about affairs. After Meifu, the famous people such as Gehong in West Jin Dynasty, Guanxiu in Tang Dyansty and Qiji in Five General Dynasty all once came here to live in seclusion.

The Taoists called the Meiling as the 12th Cave. There are still the Xiangcheng Temple, the Yuntang Temple, the Dragon Temple, the Yunxi Temple, the Peace Guan, the Xuzhen Guan, the Ziyang Palace and so forth.

In summer the average temperature in the Meiling is about 24 degree, so the Meiling is a good place to have a summer holiday and travel. The famous ministers of Tang Dynasty Zhang Jiuling and Wang Anshi, the ministers of Song Dynasty Zhou Bida, Ou Yangxiu and Huang Tingjian and so on who had once traveled here left many poems and creations admiring the Meiling.

In recent years, the beautiful landscapes on the whole hill are still constantly uncovered and developed. On the basis of estimating, after several years, there will be some new scenic spots providing people to appreciate.