Hainan Miao Ethnic Village, China

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Miao Ethnic Village

The Miao Ethnic Village at Tushuihe is located out of the Tongshi, Hainan Island, 15 km away from Tongshi urban. It is a Miao ethnic village with unique ethnic style.

Before entering the Miao Ethnic Village at Tushuihe, you can see some Miao houses standing against mountain from distance in large pieces of coco and bamboo forests. The bamboo casements and bunches and bunches of insolated corn specially in Miao ethnic are dotting the front and back houses.

In the back courtyard there raised many chickens, ducks and pigs and planted a piece of corn. In the nearby fields the rice, potato and vegetables are planted. The thick folk customs and unique life of Miao ethnic are still preserved today.

In such village with green mountain and green water, flower with leaves without pollution, the hot and simple Miao ethnics attract countless visitors to come here. Particularly on March 3 every year in Miao ethnic, there are many happy celebration activities in the village.

You can appreciate the beautiful songs and dances of Miao ethnic and understand the unique feeling of Miao ethnic and taste the special cakes and drinking of Miao ethnic. When dinner time, young girls and boys dressing colorful ethnic clothes put rice and wild vegetables with smiles and entertain every visitor from distance.

If you like, you can taste the rice wine made by Miao ethnic earthly. The tasteful food and the entertainment with smiles let visitors enjoy so happy that forget to go home and much increase their interests.

In the Miao Ethnic Village at Tushuihe there spread many mythology stories about the forefather of Miao Ethnic traveled over hill and dale from Guangxi Province to the Hainan Island and settled down here. The thick Miao ethnic feeling, the hot festival scenes and many ancient mythology stories often let the visitors who once have come here aftertaste again and again.