Shanghai Nanjing Road, China

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Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road of Shanghai is the most lively and prosperous commercial shopping street in Shanghai.

It runs from the Bund in the east to West Yan'an Road in the west for total of 5.5 kilometers; divided into two parts east and west by Xizang Road. In the past, it has a glamorous name of "Ten Miles Westerner Street", today people called it "Number One Commercial Street in China".

To see how lively and stylish Shanghai really is, you must go to Nanjing Road. Couple hundred years ago, it was just a field trail running from east to west, that is the exact section of the Bund to Henan Road now a day. In 1853, Fuli Company started its business here at first.

In 1862, some foreign firms such as Watson's, Old De Pharmacy, and few cloth makers successively opened for business here. Soon afterwards, a large quantity of imported goods gushed and various shops sprang up.

Only in a few years, over one hundred large stores and well-known companies were set up here. Along with the establishment of five big department stores, i.e. Yong'an, Xianshi, Xinxin, Daxin and China Goods, colorful signs, large bill boards combining with neon lights twinkled at night on Nanjing Road.

This commercial street developed rapidly as if it had had a good Fengshui. Nanjing Road unceasingly extent to Xizang Road and Jing'an Temple in the west, hence, it drives the development of the whole Shanghai City.

Few years ago, the Government of Shanghai prohibited all vehicles from Nanjing Road. "Number One Commercial Street in China" becomes the first all-season-walking street.

The unsymmetrical walking section on Nanjing Road runs from Middle Henan Road to Middle Xizang Road. Close to the north side of the street there is a prime section called "Golden Belt", there are various flowerbeds and bus stops.

Many stores on Nanjing Road had changed their looks from time to time, the stereotyped images of shops are things in the pass. First Department Store, Hualian Emporium, New World Emporium retain their characteristics of multiple business mansions of general merchandise, while other shops present their unique stylish looks.

Free from the pollution of automobiles, added with the walking section are restaurants and other facilities for tourists. Shops on Nanjing Road are full of merchandises from all over, visitors can relax here and lost themselves in this shopping paradise.

Today, the walking sections are somewhat "elegant in the east, sophisticated in the middle, and stylish towards the west". It is the best place for you to relax and enjoy your shopping trip.