Jiangxi Nanchang Nanpu Pavilion, China

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Nanpu Pavilion

The Nanpu Pavilion is located near to the Wuhe Bridge over the Guaijiang River on Yanjiang Road, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.

Nanchang is in the boundary of Jiangzhou in ancient time, while Nanpu is the place that ship from Nanchang pulled in to the shore and sent people away.

One of the four outstanding scholars in early Tang Dynasty named Wangbo wrote a verse in "the Teng Wang Pavilion" which is won universal praise: "painted beams with the flying Nanpu cloud." This verse has been famous for thousands of years and spread up to now.

The flying Nanpu cloud had already become a scenic spot in ancient time. After described by Wangbo, it became the travel scenic spot that people looked forward to going at that time.

The Nanpu Pavilion was built in Xianqin Year of Tang Tai Zong. It was built the same time as the Teng Wang Pavilion near the Gaijiang River. It is like a bridge providing people to go away by boat, all the people would say goodbye in this pavilion, then waved hangs and saw off unwillingly to part from each other.

So the poet in Tang Dynasty named Bai Juyi once wrote a poem when he was an official of Jiangzhou. Among them, there is a verse: "farewell in Nanpu, autumn in west wind." It meant that in autumn west wind, they are seeing off their friends in Nanpu Pavilion.

Till the last year of South Song Dynasty, the national hero famous all over the world named Wen Tiangxiang once wrote the "Brave Song". He was banished himself in Jiangzhou for his rest life because of national indignity and political reasons.

He climbed the Nanpu Pavilion for several times to see off friends, relatives or to go out himself. He had full of white hair unconsciously. One old person like the sun setting had no time and chances to serve the society and Song Dynasty, so he felt a lot and wrote this verse:

Climb here for several times in rest life,
Wander till now with white snow full of.
Nanpu not know spring too late,
West Mountain feel sun awake first.

Today's Nanpu Pavilion belongs to one of the scenic spots of Teng Wang Pavilion Scenic Area. Whoever once has been to Nanjing will all go to the Teng Wang Pavilion Park to travel and walk into the Nanpu Pavilion to have a good look, he will feel and realize the artistic conception of flying Nanpu cloudhave a good look, he will feel and realize the artistic conception of flying Nanpu cloud.