Shandong Qufu Nishan, China

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The Nishan is located on the Nishan Mountain 30km southeast of Qufu Prefecture, Shandong Province, its east is near to the Yihe River and its south is at the bank of the Nishan warehouse. The forest is green and the scenery is very graceful.

The Nishan was called the Niqiu Shan before. Since Confucius' surname is Kong and his given name is Qiu, so the name was changed to Nishan.

There are all historic sites about Confucius here and there on the whole mountain, among them, the most famous is the Nishan Confucius Temple. The Confucius Temple was built in 954, in Beisong Dynasty, a hall was added and schools were built and called "the Nishan Academy". After more than 1,000 years, it forms today's scope.

There are 69 rooms altogether in the Nishan Confucius Temple. As you enter the gate, you will see the Dacheng Palace first. On its octagonal stone pillar there carved the dragon and flower.

In the Yushenghou Hall west of the palace there enshrined the Nishan God, then in the Qisheng Palace and bedrooms there enshrined Confucius' parents respectively. There are the Jiangtang Halls, Houtuci Halls and other constructions east of the palace. As to the famous Nishan Academy lies north of the Confucian Temple, it is an independent courtyard.

There is a natural cave at the foot of the Nishan, called "the Kunling Cave". Allegedly, Confucius' mother was pregnant and it was just in this cave that his mother gave breath to Confucius.

There are many historic sites and scenic spots related to Confucius such as the Guanchuan Pavilion, the Confucius Mother Well at the hillside and on top of the Nishan.

Many scholars from home and abroad studying Confucianism and many people respecting Confucius will come to the Qufu Prefecture every year to visit and show respect to the place where Confucius had lived because he had influenced Chinese people's thoughts and deeds for thousands of years.