Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, China

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Oriental Pearl TV Tower

When you look into Pu Dong from the riverbank of Huangpu River, you will see a TV tower reaching into the sky in the distance - Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

The tower is now the highest building of Shanghai with the height of 468 meters, as high as a 150-storage building. The TV tower ranks the first in Asia and the third in the world, which is after the CN Tower of Canada and the Ostan Golden Tower of Moscow. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is undoubtedly the new symbol of Shanghai.

The architectural design of this tower looks like series of large and small balls arranging from top to bottom falling from sky on to a green field. This building gets some inspiration from a line in a famous Chinese poem: "large and small pearls falling on the jade plate" which conceives the deep connotation of the oriental culture. This tower attracted a large number of tourists, and they are always gasp and admired by its ingenious architectural conception.

Huge steel bars supported this tower, those bars weigh total 120 thousand tons. The pole of the tower by itself weighs 450 tons. The tower body consists of two scattering giant balls and one exquisite small ball.

The upper ball weighs 873 tons and contains sightseeing layer and space cabin. The lowers ball weighs 624 tons and carry gift shops and touring facilities. Comparing with the Eiffel Tower, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is heavier and higher.

Although the TV tower looks quite huge, the whole structure presents the grand strength and magnificent momentum. The dazzlingly brilliant upper tower sightseeing layer has the width of 45meters, the height of 263meters which is the best overlooking place in Shanghai.

On clear sunny day, you can enjoy the bird's-eye view of Mount Snake, Chongmin Island and the junction of Yangtze River, which makes you feel relaxed. Signs showing the distance between Shanghai and various other cities on the sightseeing layer are the special design of this masterpiece. From there, many visitors face the direction of where their loved ones live and give them their best wishes.

If you want to further enjoy a full 360-degree view of Shanghai, and have something to eat, the spinning restaurant can provide you that enjoyment. On the highest tower of Asia, this restaurant revolves itself every hour, so you can have a full view of Shanghai while you enjoy the meals.

The space cabin is about 350 meters from the ground up, and is located at the highest part of the TV tower. The cabin provides the meeting room and the cafeteria. Moving slowly in this spacious and carefully designed modern cabin, you will feel like in the real space cabin and appreciate the scenic sights along the Huangpu River.

There are seven elevators going up and down at a high speed through the tower. They conveniently transport the tourists between balls. When the night comes, colorful and beautiful lighting illuminate Oriental Pearl TV Tower like strings of luminous pearls on the sky of Shanghai. The scenery makes Shanghai, a city known as "Oriental Pearl", more beautiful.

For sure, you would not miss the world third highest tower "Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower" if you pay a visit to Shanghai, since it is so distinguished and you can see it from different angles wherever you go.