Tibet Xigaze Palkor Monastery, China

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Palkor Monastery

The Palkor Monastery is located in Jiangzi prefecture near Xigaze of Tibet. It is the famous scenic spot with unique molding in Tibetan districts.

Built in 1414, The Palkor Monastery took 10 years to complete. The whole monastery is divided into three parts---tower seat, tower body, and tower top.

The tower seat covers an area of 2,200 square meters 13 layers high and has 108 doors, 77 Buddhist palaces, lecture halls and god cupboards enshrined Buddha, so it is also called "Monastery in Tower". Commonly called "Octagonal Tower" because its tower seat is octagonal, but it has 20 angles in appearance, 40 meters high.

In the Palkor Monastery, there are many exquisite and pretty sculptures and paintings, just only the scriptures and paintings about Buddhism are countless, so people also called it "Thousands of Buddha Tower".

A poem describing the Buddha in the Palkor Monastery is quite suitable: Thousands of Buddha solemn appeared, prime collecting loved world". Its artistic art style melts Buddhism art of the nearby countries such as India and Nepal based on traditional Buddhism art.

Then adds cultural arts of Han and Tang Dynasty, so the natural and unique artistic style in the Palkor Monastery is formed as if the primes of Buddhism art in the whole world are all collected in the Palkor Monastery,

The Jiangzi Prefecture is a beautiful place in Tibetan districts. Many visitors will select the prefecture fairly with culture and historic sites after they arrive in Xigaze. The beautiful Yamdrok-Tso Lake is not far from the Palkor Monastery, so visitors can come here to enjoy many scenic spots.