Sichuan Chengdu Panda Research Center, China

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Panda Research Center in Chengdu

The Panda Research Center in Chengdu is situated in the west of Sichuan Province, outskirts of Chengdu. That high mountain and deep valley is the panda research center. In fact, 80% pandas peculiar in China are breeding and multiplying here.

Setting out from Chengdu, you can look for the trace of the panda along two routes, one is towards southwest to Ya An and to Baoxing, the other is towards northwest to Dujiangyan Dam, then to Wolong, Wenchuan, Jiuzhaigou Ditch, Pingwu and Guangyuan.

Panda is a precious animal in China and it is a valuable wealth that nature left to human beings, deeply loved by the people of various countries all over the world. There are only more than 1,000 pandas in the world, distributing over prefectures met in the three provinces - Sichuan province, Shaanxi Province and Gansu Province. Among them above 80% pandas perch in the high mountain and forest around Chengdu, which causes high appreciation of Chinese government and extensive concern of international community.

Since very long time, the Chinese government protect rare panda and many lovely wild animals for this purpose, so the related mechanisms of scientific research and expects and scholars spare no efforts to build more than 800 nature protection areas on the large piece of land, which is covering an area of about 700,000 square km. Among them, there are 25 panda nature protection areas, in addition, tens of panda protection areas are in preparation now.

At present, concerned mechanisms of Chinese continents are planning to found a nature protection area, which is covering an area of 8 square km. Regarding the panda research center in Chengdu as nucleus, it will be called - "the Chinese Panda World" as a research center of studying and multiplying pandas and other wild animals.

Chengdu is a culture famous city with 2,300 years' history and it is also the panda's hometown. The places of interests are scattered all over like stars and chess-men and the natural landscapes are charming and beautiful.

In the mountains and jungles of Chongzhou city, Dayi prefecture, Qionglai city, Pengzhou city and Dujiangyan city, there are all the pandas' traces. The pandas often appear in the Anzihe nature protection area in Chongzhou city. There are rich bamboo resources in the forest park of Anzihe nature protection, added the Wolong nature protection area and the Fengtongzhai nature protection, these are the critical districts that panda race exchange naturally. The appointed man is recording detailed the existence and activities of wild pandas.

In order to make the rare pandas bordering on to extinct understood passing down generation after generation, scientific and technical people of "Chengdu Zoo" and "the Panda Research Center in Chengdu" had outstanding achievements on saving, multiplying and resaerching pandas.

So this research center was once won the honor of 500 outstanding scientific research mechanisms all over the world issued by the United Nations Environment Program for two times. Up to now, here they use the method of artificial propagation and have bred 39 pandas and 23 have survived. In 1990, they succeeded in cultivating a couple of twin pandas and it is a gratifying creation in the world.