Chongqing Pipa Shan Park (Loquat Hill Park), China

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Pipa Shan Park

The Pipa Shan Park (Loquat Hill) is located in City of Chongqing. There is a beautiful mountain called Pipa Shan.

Because this mountain is beautiful and its forest is luxuriant, it is a good place to enjoy cool breeze in summer and the best place to appreciate the Chongqing night-light.

As to the Pipa Mountain, local there spreads a beautiful story: there lived a pretty girl at the foot of the Pipa Mountain. She fell in love with a young man lived at the south of the Yangtze River. The girl's parents do not want her to merry him because this young man is very poor.

So this sad girl climbed to the top of the mountain every night and plays the lute to express her affection and sorrow. Soon the girl died in depression. People than called this mountain "Lute Mountain", in order to commemorate the girl, later it was renamed to "Pipa Shan".

When the sun goes down, you climb to the Hongxing Pavilion on top of the Pipa Shan. You will see the beautiful night view below. If you look up, sky are filled with myriad stars, accompanying you are those stars, night lights and the cool and gentle breeze.

You will see the bridge stretches the Yangtze River and the Jialingjiang River like two rainbows. The cars are hurried and the light beams are flashing, the People's Hall is covered with color lamps in the evening sky. It is the most conspicuous sign of this mountain city.

The television tower is brilliant, bright and countless light beams radiate straight to the sky. Many boats are moving on the flashing water. How vivid is this mountain city! Regardless there are legend love stories or not, the night view of the mountain city is always beautiful.

Visitors climbed the Pipa Shan to see the night view of the mountain city will highly praise it: How beautiful the Chongqing night view is!

The Chongqing City: It is a famous city in Chinese history and is one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government. The central city is surrounded by the Yangtze River and the Jialingjiang River. The downtown streets are built according to the mountain. The boat and the vehicle are all the traffic tools in the city.

Houses are built base on the natural surrounding of the mountain, uneven strewn at random and form a characteristic. Due to the terrain, the rainfall in spring and autumn is abundant and great waves in the Yangtze River and the Jialingjiang River are huge.

In the hot summer, the temperature is always high and it is one of the three big "ovens" in China. Each year in late autumn and early spring, there is heavy fog, so people called it "Fog City".