Traditional Living Houses at Qian Kou, China

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Traditional Living Houses at Qian Kou

The Traditional Living Houses at Qian Kou has another name: Qian Kou Ming Villa of Mount Yellow. It is located on the Zixia Mountain of Qian Kou Village.

The village lies in the Hui Zhou District of the Mount Yellow City. The area of the houses is at the gateway of the Mount Yellow, so the spot people called it Qian Kou.

The area of the Traditional Living Houses at Qian Kou is about 17,200 square meters. Legend said that the famous Eastern Jin poet Tao Yuanming once lived here. It became a garden for the tourists after Southern Song Dynasty.

Since that time, people planted many trees in the garden; therefore, visitors can see green tree year round in the garden. There are still many ancient structures left this day: the Cao Men Hall, the Si Jian Di, the Qian Kou Shrine and so on. Their style is like the houses of the local people.

The Traditional Living Houses at Qian Kou is a symbol of the construction of Anhui Province. Their feature is Stand-along Mountain; the choices of their directions depend on the "Fengshui". The structure of the houses is garden houses; the main gates are facing south and built along the mountain.

In the houses, all the constructions are symmetrical. The living room is in the center of the house; bedrooms are on both sides of the living room. There is a small build-in "sky light" in front of the living room, it can gain lights and let breeze go through. People believe the structure like this is also a symbol of good fortune.

The traditional construction of Anhui has a beautiful entirety look. The high walls decorated with horse-head angles and the line are clear-cut. The constructions have only two colors: black tiles and white walls. The simple contrast color makes the constructions look elegant and generous.

As to the decoration, most of them made from brick, wood and stone. The structures here at Qian Kou, are the traditional Chinese and Anhui constructions, combine the ancient, elegant and beautiful feelings. The Traditional Living Houses at Qian Kou are the symbol of the traditional Anhui constructions.

In 1984, the city government of Mount Yellow moved some Ming Dynasty Constructions around the Mount Yellow to Qian Kou. They rebuilt some constructions like Shan Shi Pavilion, Houses of Fang Guantian, Houses of Wu Jianhua, Houses of Zhang Linfu, stone republics, and bridges.

Because of this, the village looks like much more like an ancient village and became a symbol of the traditional Anhui constructions. People called it the Villa of Ming Dynasty. If you are traveling around the Mount Yellow, you should not miss he traditional Living Houses at Qian Kou.