Qingdao Catholic Church, China

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Qingdao Catholic Church

Covering about 2,470 square meters, lying to the west of Guanhai Mountain, and on the high hillock at the north end of Zhejiang Road, Southern District of Qingdao city, Catholic Church is the biggest catholic church of Qingdao city.

Catholic Church was formerly known as St. Emil Church. Construction of the church was under the guidance of a German architect and lasted for two years from 1932 to 1934. The church was designed according to Gothicism and Romanesque and is of the Neo-Romanism.

Catholic Church is made of yellow granite and armored concrete. Latin cross-shaped is applied for the construction plane and simple and elegant images are engraved on the surface. The Roman arch windows, with smooth lines, look solemn and simple.

At the top of the gate, there is a large rose window, and on both sides of it, there stands loftily a 56-meter-high bell tower. At the cone-shaped spires covered with red tiles, there erects respectively a 4.5-meter-high huge cross.

Inside the tower, there hang four big bells, when being stricken, the sound can be heard from a few miles away.

Inside the church, there is a big and bright hall, which is spacious enough to hold one thousand people. Soft light comes through the multi-color glass windows. There are aisles in the east and west of the hall, two big alters and four small alters at the back and frescos of eikon painted on the dome of the hall, in the bright light, permeating an strong religious atmosphere.