Qingdao Christian Church, China

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Qingdao Christian Church

Located at 15 Jiangsu Road of Qingdao, adjacent to the beautiful Xinhaoshan Park in the east, Christian Church, a unique German old castle, is a renowned religious building in Qingdao.

The church is also named German Bethel, as it is originally a place for German's gathering and worship.

Construction of the Christian Church began in 1908 by German and finished in October of 1910. Ascending the narrow steps of the rock hill, the solid thick wall, the Roman arch granite sash, red steep ceiling and the green pointed bell tower are clearly presented before you.

The dignity and roughness of the wall foundation made of thick and heavy granite displays the outline of the church in a clear and simple way, giving you a distinctive aesthetic feeling of religious architecture.

This old German castle building consists of a bell tower and a hall. Standing at the bell tower of 39.16 meters high, you will see a wonderful view - the beautiful sea and the sky. The grand bell on the tower adds some mysteries and seriousness to the solemn and respectful church.

The big and bright hall is big enough for one thousand people. The two-storied 18-meter-high hall, with its delicate and elegant decoration, overwhelms you with a sense of holiness. It is really a perfect masterwork of Christian architecture.

The spacious square in front of the church, the surrounding flourishing trees and the various orderly distributed western buildings set off the grandness and loftiness of the church.

On every Sunday, the pious Christians gather in the church, with melodious bell and dainty chant, pray quietly and listen to priest's preaching. During Christmas holidays, even more bustling people full of jolliness come here.