Guangzhou Qingping Free Market, China

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Qingping Free Market

The Qingping Free Market is located on Qingping Road, West Pass, Guangzhou. It is the largest one among several hundred free markets on Qingping Road and it is also the most famous free market.

The Qingping Market is the general name of more than 2,000 stalls on this crossed street with 1,200 meters long, covering an area of over 6,000 square meters. From 4 in the morning till 6 in the evening, the visitors are jostle each other in a crowd and endless.

The most famous of the Qingping Free Market is the product like a feast for the eyes from over 30 prefectures in Guangdong Province and over 20 provinces and cities in China.

The materials are rich and the goods are various including the dry fruits and dry vegetables from North China, salty fishes from south, medicines and cigarettes from southwest, fresh fruits and vegetables in four seasons from various provinces and Guangdong Province, flying animals and walking animals and the delicacies from land and sea... The sort is as many as 3,000 kinds.

Every day people come here to buy as many as several thousand, including people of Guangzhou or nearby cities and towns, there are still many visitors from Hongkong and Taiwang, even foreigners like to come here to view.

Next time you come to Guangzhou, if you want to see the Chinese traditional outdoors free market and want to buy some fresh things in market full of Chinese uniqueness, we suggest you go to the largest free market in Guangzhou - the Qingping Free Market.