Jinan Quancheng Plaza, China

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Quancheng Plaza

Jinan city is famous for its abundance in spring water, and is therefore entitled as the "Spring City", in Chinese "Quancheng".

There are seventy-two famous springs in the city, among which the "Baotu Springs" and the "Black Tiger Springs" are the best. The Quancheng Plaza or "Spring Plaza" is located in the center of Jinan city, symbolic of the spring culture of this old city.

The Quancheng Plaza covers an area of more than 170,000 square meters, and consists of ten themed areas such as the Plaza of Baotu Springs, the Celebrity Garden, the Statue Plaza, Perpetual Garden, Historical Plaza, Music Fountain, and Cultural Corridor.

Around the plaza, apart from the two most famous springs, there are ruins of three ancient springs like Gujian Spring, Huichi Spring, and Kangshou Spring.

Although it is impossible to restore their original figures, it is nice to wander around the ancient springs fringed with willows and imagine how the ancient city looked like when almost every house had a spring in the backyard.

It is not easy to visit all the seventy-two springs within a short period of time, but you can find four groups of fountains which symbolize the four most famous springs and seventy-two small fountains which symbolize the seventy-two springs in Jinan city, with their names inscribed on a board below.

The Cultural Corridor in the plaza is a historic tablet recording the long and profound culture development of Jinan. Statues of twelve selected cultural celebrities of ancient Jinan are standing along the corridor. They were all important figures that had certain influence over the development of Chinese cultural history.

There are fourteen sculptures inscribed in the columns of the corridor named "Stories of the Celebrities", telling you historic stories happened thousands of years ago in Jinan.

The Quancheng Plaza is not only symbolic of Jinan city, but of the development of Jinan culture as well. The springs have long been merged into the life and culture of Jinan people.