Yunnan Rain Forrest & Tropical Botanical Garden at Mengla, China

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Rain Forrest & Tropical Botanical Garden at Mengla

The Rain Forrest & the Tropical Botanical Garden at Mengla lies in Mengla prefecture, Yunnan Province.

Almost whoever goes to Xishuang Banna will go to this botanical garden. The tributary of the Lacangjiang River - Luosuojiang River flowed here and turned a curve and surrounds the land into a peninsula shaped gourd. So people call it "the Gourd Island" and the botanical garden just built on this peninsula.

The gourd peninsula covers an area of 15,000 Mu, the soil is fertile, and it belongs to tropical climate. The wet hot climate suits the growth of tropical plants and surrounding mountains protects the plants naturally.

Walking into the Rain Forrest & the Tropical Botanical Garden at Mengla, you will see the high subtropical arbors on both sides of the road. The rare American trees like tea trees grove from which the medicine that can reduce cancer cells. The discovery of this plant brings evangel for the cancer patients.

Chinese famous botanist - the professor Caixitao, cultivates the Longxue trees with big leaves. The Longxue tree is the main raw material of manufacturing a kind of blood that has the effects of invigorating the circulation of blood and stopping bleeding etc. The husband of British queen Philips himself planted the tree nearby when they visit China in 1986.

In the botanical garden, you can see all kinds of strange flowers and trees. The poisonous tree has the effect of blockading the throat when meeting blood.

There is a kind of fruit is quite mysterious. The fruit came from West of Africa. It looks common but is very mysterious, because when you eat this fruit with other acid fruit the acid taste will become sweet tasting.

There is a kind of dancing grass, on its each leaf handle, there grow three leaves, one is long, and other two are short. In the morning, the long leaf of this grass will extend gradually from the form of drooping and the two short leaves will dance up and down like a dancing girl.

Additionally, there is still a kind of bamboo which the people of Da nationality use it to cook bamboo rice. The rice will then produce a special kind of fragrance and the taste is especially delicious. There are still great many interesting tropical plants. The plants in the Tropical Botanical Garden at Mengla are various and most are rare in China.

In fact, there are over 3,000,000 Mu nature protection areas in Xishuang Banna, among it there are 700,000 Mu original forest protected intact. Two sight spots are now opened: one is the Sanchahe nature protection area and the other is Mandian gully rain forest. In the original forest, there are three types of trees generally.

One is high arbor, some are even as high as building of tens layers and they are tall figures in the forest. The second one is the arbor of about 20 meters high, growing very fast, after 7-8 years they can just grow into useful timber.

The Banyan trees, lindens, and awn fruit belong to this one and they are medium figures of the forest. The third one cannot reach 10 meters high generally such as the palm tree and China firs and they are short figures of the forest, you can see this kind of trees everywhere in the forest.

In this area, all the high, short, plump and slim plants occupy different space and form a reasonable natural combination. Some trees need a lot of sunlight and rain, so they grow very high, forbidding other trees to shelter. Some trees are suitable in shady and cool place and they are afraid of strong sunlight, so they grow short, hiding the shadow of tall trees.