Guangxi Guilin Seven Stars Cave, China

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Seven Stars Cave

The Seven Stars Cave, also known as Qi Xia Cave and Bi Xu Cave, is located in the Seven Stars Park of Guilin in Guangxi Province.

About 1,000,000 years ago, the area was an ocean. As time went by, the changing crust lift the channel up, so today, we can see the beautiful cave which was once under the ocean.

The cave is a special scenic spot, which has three floors. Each floor has pillars, stalagmites, stone flowers, and stalactites.

In Sui and Tang Dynasty (581-907A.D.), this cave was a tourist destination; it also attracted great many literature giants. During the Sui Dynasty (581-618A.D.), people called it Qi Xia Cave, and its famous for its beauty.

A great Buddhist named Shang Xianqian, wrote the "Qi Xia Cave" on the cave's rock 590.

The book "Guilin Scenery" of Tang Dynasty states: There were a clear green spring and a great many magic stones in the cave. If you want to know about the most marvelous views of Guilin, you should go around the Seven Star Cave and the Lu Di Cave.

After the wars of ancient times, many magical stories about the cave had spread throughout the area. For example, in 1852, the second year of Emperor Xianfeng of Ch'ing Dynasty, the army of uprising called Taipin Tianguo ("Heavenly Kingdom of Peace"), had its command station in the Qi Xia Temple.

What are the special things of the cave that have attracted so many literature people and soldiers? The cave is about 1 kilometer long. The widest place of it is 43 meters and the highest 27 meters. The average temperature is about 20 Celsius level. The water keeps flowing from the rock cracks and the lights shining in the cave that make it look like a crystal palace.

There are eight main spots of the scenic: Six Caves Heaven, Tow Caves Mansion, Cave in Cave and so on. The stalactites in the cave look like different kind of plants and animals. You may be wonder: is this a natural place or a manmade museum of art. After your visit, you will know why scenery in Guilin is so famous through out the world.

It is very cool in the cave, so if you want to escape from the heat in summer, this is a good choice. In the cave, your problem is no longer the heat but the possibility of catching cold, so take an overcoat with you.