Shanghai Grand Theatre, China

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Shanghai Grand Theatre

In front of the People's Square on the Xizang Road, it is the Shanghai Grand Theatre, a masterpiece of the French architect - Saul Pound.

This theatre is the largest cultural building in Shanghai. The white curved roof and transparent wall make it unique. It is an ingenious combination of the oriental culture and the western culture.

No matter during the day or at night, this theatre looks like a glittering palace, standing quietly in the west of the People's Square.

As called, the Grand Theatre is a huge building. The total floor space is approximately 63,000 square meters, with ten levels two underground levels and eight above. A grant chandelier made like an ancient Chinese instrument hang over the main lobby, comprising three theatres in different sizes (The Lyric Theatre, The Drama and Studio Theatre).

The lyric theatre, this main theatre with a seating capacity of 1800 has the largest stage in Asia and the stage is equipped with high tech sound and lighting systems, scenery equipment, are all controlled fully by computers. The illumination and acoustics are marvelous, this stage is one of the most advanced in the world.

The other two theatres: Drama Theatre seats 600, and the smallest of all The Studio Theatre seats about 200; and those were constructed especially for chamber music, dances and drama plays.

The Grand Theatre has become the center of Shanghai people's cultural life. Many of the world class opera troupes, the ballet groups and symphony orchestras are invited to give performance here.

The theatre seats has been specially designed to match the natural curve of human body's, and those seats are positioned so well that everyone in the audience can see the stage comfortably and clearly.